1. Line art icon set for The Noun Project.

  2. UPS animation. Art Direction/Design/Illustration.

  3. ICONS! for thenounproject.com

  4. This is an illustration of a skyscraper I made for a publication exploring the best and worst aspects of our fair city, Chicago. Skyscrapers are amongst the best, of course.

  5. bologna with hot dog

    Character design for Oscar Mayer. Lunch Time Friends!

  6. Creatures

  8. Cover illustration for Canteen Magazine, issue #6.

  9. Either the best day or the worst day.

  10. Amazing Green Chicken for Academy for Global Citizenship promotion.

  11. Characters

  12. Animals

  13. Pangrams

  14. Pangrams

  15. Illustrations for global UPS campaign, ‘We Love Logistics’.